About Us

By Cody Family of Companies was created to enhance and compliment special times and lasting memories with family and friends. In this fast paced world, it may feel overwhelming to plan a special occasion... so we have developed fun  and unique websites to help make quality home entertaining easier and to help create product themes that will leave a lasting, memorable impression.


By Cody Family of Companies is the leading online Family Branded website destination. The websites offers party supplies for over 200 themes for birthdays and other special celebrations 1000's of great costumes and a select line of wedding products. It also offers a wide selection of crafts, treat bag goodies and entertaining products to customers in Canada and the U.S. All of our By Cody Brands are sold through their own unique websites.


Set up in 2005, By Cody Family of Companies was created to meet the need for a one-stop shopping destination for party supplies and related products. The thought was born off the experience of the company founders, Steve and Natalie Cody, who, despite owning three party stores in town, had to drive around the whole town to get that elusive "must have" party theme of the day for their children's birthdays. Over the years, they have added additional websites based on Customer and Cody Consultant demands. Future By Cody Brands will also include, Creative Crafts, Baby Boutique and Treat Bag Treasures.

The company operates through independent consultants across North America. The independent consultants promote and sell By Cody products through their own personalized websites in their local communities. Through its consultant network the company has created a loyal customer base for its products across Canada and US, especially in rural and remote areas, where there aren't many party stores to meet their demands.


A unique aspect of the company is the attention to details in making the whole shopping experience with By Cody a very special one. All orders are processed within 24 hours; all items are wrapped in a purple tissue and packaged in a memory box and topped with extra goodies for kids like a candy, a tattoo, a special "Remember When" sheet and a "Sign-in sheet". By Cody has the advantage of offering faster and shorter shipping times without any border hassles and customs duties to bother with.


Opportunities for professional, personal and financial independence are all right here with By Cody Family of Companies. For more information on how to become A By Cody Consultant please see the Become a Cody Consultant section on our web site. Conultants in the plan will earn an approximation of between $200.00 and $1200.00 annually. A typical Consultant participating is one who enjoys our products and can consistently devote a couple of hours a week towards promoting their replicated website.

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